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Title: Inserting Columns And Rows
Running time: 1:44
Description: You will discover how to insert additional rows and columns into your spreadsheets. You will use the menu as well as your mouse to quickly insert rows and columns.
Overall Rating: 1


  • JohnE (2013-02-01 09:10:35)

    The video intro says it will teach inserting, deleting and hiding rows and columns. It only shows inserting rows and columns. Also, both times the instructor typed, he made errors. Yes he did correct them.

  • srethy (2012-11-01 13:03:32)

    Hello Donna, An easy way to hide is to right click on the column letter or row number and choose hide.

  • Donna.Chan (2012-11-01 12:03:43)

    how do you hide?