About Us

ontrackTV is part of ON-TRACK Corporate Training Ltd, a subsidiary of Quizam Media Corporation, a publicly quoted company. We have been one of Vancouver's elite computer training providers since 1989 and arrived in the UK in 1998. Throughout our history we have provided quality training solutions to thousands of satisfied clients on a global level - a tradition of quality that we continue with our commitment to client satisfaction. Our corporate trainers and experience in all levels of training create an effective and powerful learning experience for our valued clients.


ontrackTV was developed in response to client demand for a online training solution that was cost effective, engaged learners and achieved the same high level results as our classroom training. We thought long and hard and kept it simple - we'll use our own trainers to create an extensive library of bite size, instructor led videos. What could be better? Nothing.

ontrackTV was launched in North America in January 2009 and in the UK in March 2009. In the past few months hundreds of organisations have used our library of training videos. From public and private companies of all sizes to government departments and learning institutions, our new and unique method of delivery is proving very popular with learners.


Quizam quizzing software was developed by CEO Russ Rossi to help his children study. It is a quiz tool that allows you to create and share interactive quizzes in a flashcard format. Used in over 500 educational institutions around the world, Quizam is a tried, tested and proven method of studying.

What people say about ontrackTV

"Simple, clean and effective" - Bayer

"A new and exciting way to learn" - Standard Life

"These are really great - a good tool" - Lincoln College